WHAT THIS IS...

The following is a list of conservative video blogs, audio blogs, citizen journalists, social media accounts, web sites, radio shows and commentators that will lead you to short movies and documentaries that may be of interest to those who have been impressed to understand this time of the Great Awakening.

This, is by no means a complete list ... but will get you started and I will add unto as we go forth in this.


Please keep in mind, that this (Souls-R-We.com) is a spiritual teaching website and all of those on the following list have resonated with the energy of the spiritual teachings on this website and the webmaster, Rev. Holly Greene White.

However, it is YOUR personal responsibility to discern for yourself what YOU take into your personal belief system and what you decide to leave behind ... maybe to revisit in the future days.

IMHO in these days of censorship, I believe that this list will be of great assistance to you, the newbie in need of 'red-pilling' AND the seasoned soul looking for a review of what just happened this past year ... and, of course, all of those of you who have been on-the-fence about the current situation that we find ourselves in .. in the two thousandth and twenty first year of our Lord. 
                               Blessings and Enjoy the DIG!

   The following influencers are constantly censored ... and you REALLY must dig.      
   Sometimes ... YouTube, Gab, Rumble, Telegram, Bitchute, etc.

   Gene Decode
   Blessed2Teach with Rick
   Juan O. Savin (SNAFU RADIO currently YouTube)
   Juan O. Savin (Telegram)
   Simon Parkes.com
   Robert David Steele
   David Wilcock (and Elizabeth)
   Cirsten W.
   Dr. Charlie Ward.com
   Santa Surfing Beach Broadcast
   Project Veritas James O'Keefe
   Patriot Streetfighter Scott McKay
   Ann Delap
   Mike Lindell
   Liz Crokin Channel
   Ezra Cohen-Watnick (Former Acting Secretary of Defense for Intelligence/Security)
   Candace Owens
   David Rodriguez
   Doug Billings
   Pryme Minister (YouTube)
   Trump Intel (Telegram)
   Dan Scavino and Dan Scavino Jr.
   Donald Trump Jr. (Telegram)
   Mustang Medic
   The Epoch Times
   Lin Wood (Telegram)
   General Hyten 5 (Telegram)
   Lorrie Ladd (YouTube)
   Mel K
   Dave Portnoy
   X-22 Report w/ Dave
   The True Great Awakening (Telegram)
   Michael Knowles (The Michael Knowles Show)
   OAN Network
   Ryan Fournier
   The DC Patriot.com
   Donald J. Trump (Telegram)
   The Galactic Federation of Light (YouTube)

   Where We Go One We Go All