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                                        What is Spirit Art ?
        It is any art form that is inspired (in-spirit) by the non-physical; the spirit world ... The world that exists along side of our own but in a different dimension. The artist or writer "channels" information ... thus, Inspired Art or Spirit Art.
The artist is a "receiver" of information that is then, interpreted and manifested through creative mediums such as painting and other forms of art. Most artists & writers DO create from this kind of inspiration or intuition ... they just may not realize where the information is coming 
These Soul Portraits are inspired from Spirit  or All That Is or God ... as most are familiar  ... & each is a real soul portrayed on canvas. Your portrait is a glimpse of your pre-birth intent for this lifetime. It is a glimpse of  your purpose for reincarnating, yet, again. Your Glimpse of Go(o)d Soul Portrait gives you actual visual insight to the reasoning behind your 'coming forth' into this physical dimension at the time that you did.
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                  To Purchase:

8x10 Suitable for Hanging
    Stretched Oval Canvas
           Acrylic Paint

Print-Ready Keepsake Booklet
      (actual portrait interpretation)

         Plus $ 10.00 s/h

   Rev. Holly Greene White

        Every one of my Soul Portraits is unique to the individual subject and is depicted on stretched oval (like the human aura) canvas with acrylic paints.
Just like you are the only you in this Universe ... your Soul Portrait is a glimpse of that you and totally one-of-a-kind !
I use the vibrational qualities of your birth name and birth date and then meditate on the intention of your re-birth here on the physical  earth plane. That interpretation is then translated onto the canvas.  After the colors and images are complete ... (this is a time consuming process) ... then I meditate again on your blueprint for this lifetime and put it all into words so that you will have all of the information that I received as I was painting your Soul Portrait printed in a keepsake booklet just for you. (it is like a mini-reading)
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Soul Portraits
Soul Portraits
Soul Portraits
Soul Portraits
Soul Portraits
Soul Portraits
Soul Portraits
Soul Portraits
Soul Portraits
Soul Portraits
Soul Portraits
Soul Portraits
Soul Portraits
Soul Portraits
Soul Portraits
Soul Portraits
Soul Portraits
Soul Portraits

Spirit Art Spirit Art
Spirit Art Spirit Art
Spirit Art Spirit Art
Spirit Art Spirit Art 
Spirit Art Spirit Art
Spirit Art Spirit Art
Spirit Art Spirit Art
Spirit Art Spirit Art 
Spirit Art Spirit Art 
Spirit Art Spirit Art
Spirit Art Spirit Art
Spirit Art Spirit Art
Spirit Art Spirit Art
Spirit Art Spirit Art
Spirit Art Spirit Art
Spirit Art Spirit Art
Spirit Art Spirit Art

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 Rev. Holly Greene White


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Personal Soul Portrait
8x10 Stretched Canvas
Acrylic Paint
Suitable for Hanging

Print-Ready Keepsake Booklet 
      (Actual Mini-Reading !)

    $ 200.00
     Plus  $10.00 s/h

MLW 2011
                                                                             Client Feedback:

  ~ Most accurate reading ... ever!

  ~ It will be fun to see how my life unfolds ... love the possibilities and the probabilities.

  ~So much information ... did I plan this?

   ~Gorgeous colors, amazing story.  Where DID you get  all of this?

  ~From my heart ... thank you!  I gain insight from my portrait daily.

   ~My number one meditation tool!

   ~I wish you'd have painted my portrait 30 years ago! My life would have been so different!

   ~The energy is so powerful. It is no doubt that my portrait was divinely inspired.

   ~I can feel the love that went into my portrait. I treasure it !

   ~ I am almost embarrassed by the magnificence of what you see as my soul's plan.

   ~Outrageous joy ... is what my soul portrait  gives to me each time I gaze upon it.

   ~Truly a psychic rendition of my soul ... many opportunities revealed ... I am appreciative.

    ~I am a believer, NOW!

    ~We are born with such pure intentions, what happens? My portrait has helped me get on                      
      track. I look at ME much differently because of it. Thank you.

    ~Balance is my theme. Why did I not see this before? 

     ~Self worth ... I did not understand that until I read the interpretation of my soul portrait.

     ~I admit, I ordered my portrait out of curiosity, but wow ... it has amazed me! Many thanks!

     ~What a unique and  personal baby gift! It was such a hit and I just love my own, too!

     ~We have never met but you portrayed my life as if you had known me forever.

     ~Such a treasure. I cannot think of a better gift for someone you love. It overwhelms me.

     ~I will keep in touch as my life rolls out and my benchmarks become reality.

     ~My portrait continues to speak to me ... I love it.


      ~Really? My higher-self is that colorful? I must change my viewpoint on my life.

      ~My soul portrait has opened my eyes to other possibilities because it was so accurate.

       ~Astrology, numerology and visualization all rolled into one! Has not happened before.

       ~Talk about a wake-up call. How did you get that about me ?

       ~When I am critical of myself  I look at my soul portrait and know that I am more. 

       ~My portrait is my reminder that I am God's Creation.

       ~We are all children of All That Is and now I see my own purpose contributes to that.

       ~Awesome. That's me? That's my soul? I never considered me like that!

       ~Therapeutic. Purely therapeutic for me. Gotta tell ya that my portrait gives me healing.

        ~Best gift that I ever gave to myself!

        ~Meeting my soul once again ...
        ~Love it!!!!

         Art Cafe' Interview
     Emily Dimov-Gottshall
    Altoona, Pennsylvania
Please refer to the ACTUAL Soul Portrait SAMPLES below:
In your light
I learn how to love. 
In your beauty,
how to make poems.

You dance inside my chest,
where no one sees you. 

But sometimes I do, 
and that sight
becomes this art.     ~Rumi~
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    GIVE a Glimpse of God Soul Portrait to Someone You Love

  1. Contact Rev Holly Greene White via Facebook or...
  2. Include: Billing Name, address, phone #
                     Recipient's Birth Name and Birth Date

  3. PRINT GIFT CERTIFICATE to Give to Recipient

  4. You will be *invoiced upon Portrait DELIVERY (Check or Money order preferred)

      *$200.00 plus $10.00 S/H insurance USA

   Contact Via Facebook Messenger:
   Holly Greene White



 1.  Subject's Full Birth Name    
                  Birth Date

 2.  Purchaser's Name
                      Phone #

 You will be billed upon delivery

    $200.00 plus $10.00* S/H ~ insurance
               in UNITED STATES

 *International Shipping will be determined
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To Order YOURS: Contact Rev. Holly Greene White on FACEBOOK                       
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            More Specifically, WHAT is a SOUL PORTRAIT?

  Prior to your birth, here, in the physical world, you lived in the non-physical realm. (some people refer to this as Heaven)

  You were once a part of Universal Thought energy. You were/are a part of that which, in our human form ... is labeled as God, All That Is, Infinite Being, Spirit, Universal Thought, Allah, etc.

  It truly matters-not what this energy is labeled ... it only matters that you remember and have a connection (a relationship) with this energy.

  Ever since the beginning of man inhabiting earth, the NATURE of man, of humankind ... was to curiously ask the questions of his origin and that relationship to the bigger picture of things. ("Who or what is God?"... "Why am I here?" ... "What is my purpose?" ... "Why do people suffer-so?" ... "Is there a favored race of people?" ... "Why do I get what I get?" ... "Why do bad things happen to good people?" ... "Is there a heaven and hell?" ... "Is there a rhyme or reason to life?" ..."What book or teaching or religion is TRUE?", etc.)

   Deep within the soul of mankind, there has always been an eternal yearning  to know the answers. Some answers ... were remembered at a soul level ... but  many more of the memories prior to his emergence, here, in this physical realm were forgotten. 

  The artist of the "Glimpse of God" Soul Portrait series in a sense, resurrects those individual memories by painting the intentions of the individual soul.
Many have learned to meditate upon these unique portraits and evolve their understanding of their purpose, this lifetime, due to actually seeing and feeling that purpose prompted by their Soul Portrait.

Enjoy gazing upon the above depictions of some of the souls that have commissioned this work and come back often to this entire site as it is a very valuable tool for humanity at this time of collective ASKING.

       Bless you all and continue to ASK ... for when it is asked it is also given.
My Corona
"MY CORONA" ~ 2020
                                   Interpretation of  "My Corona" 2020

At the onset of this virus a very dear friend and spiritual teacher of mine (Carole J. Obley) sent a photo of a lovely picture filled with pink (African) and white daisies in a field of green to another metaphysical friend (Kathleen Parada) and me on Facebook. (Below:)
​Like most of us during this time of social distancing, the three of us have kept in touch on social media and every day attempt to post humorous, thoughtful and other messages to our friends and loved ones ... as well as to send messages to the world at large.  

When I received this beautiful picture, I was inspired to paint my interpretation of it. 

Because I am an intuitive artist, I began getting a massive download file on exactly why I ...  
#1. received this photo 
#2. made the decision to paint this photo 
#3. want to share it with the world at this time
#1. As I said, a copy of the original photo (photographer unknown) was sent to me by a spiritual medium who is also an author, metaphysical minister and who has been a teacher and friend of mine for over 20 years. 

Many souls around the globe have been uplifted by Carole's books, messages, lectures, workshops and classes. She is an extraordinary teacher of metaphysics and all things spiritual. Carole walks the talk.

#2. I know in my heart that Carole was the one meant to send this to me because I have come to truly treasure her many insights that she has so graciously relayed to me over the past 20 years. So ... this initial source of receiving this lovely photo sparked the subsequent spiritual message to the world.

I have been a student of metaphysics all of my life and have had many many, great teachers ... some physical and others non-physical, some actual people and others, earthly experiences ... plain and simple. Over that time ... my lifetime ... I have trained myself to see and then read the many messages  that the Universe/God sends to each of us daily. 

#3. As I said ... I trained myself (with the guidance of many teachers) to see and read these messages ... and you can, too. THAT is WHY I have decided to put this out there at this time.

Since my first "Glimpse of God" Soul Portraits ... I have included a valuable  interpretation booklet with each portrait so the client is able to follow along and understand why I got what I got before I translated it onto the canvas. 

I do not include such booklets in my other paintings (from realism to abstract) because, of course, those paintings are NOT soul portraits. The names of every painting that I paint and sell have a title that is very significant (like all artist's work) but the explanation of the inspiration goes no further than that. 

                                               THIS PAINTING IS DIFFERENT!

When I started to paint "My Corona" I did not know that this was going to be a Soul Portrait. I did not know anything more than I loved the photo and I loved the person who sent the photo ... and I was inspired (like all artists) to paint the doggone thing.

Begun: 3-1-2020                            Completed: 3-22-2020
             ORDER NOW ! 

        Holly Greene White