A Primer on Chakras
Chakra means "wheel of energy" in the ancient language of Sanskrit.  Chakras are wheel-like vortices which exist in the surface of the etheric double of man as well as our physical bodies. They are centers of activity that receive, assimilate and express Life Force Energy.  These activity centers refer to a spinning sphere of bioenergetic activity emanating from the major nerve ganglia branching forward from the spinal column. There are six of these "wheels" of energy stacked in a column that spans from the base of the spine to the middle of the forehead.  The seventh energy center is above the physical region placed just above the crown of the head.  It is the basic six major chakras that correlate with the basic states of consciousness. The seventh is associated with the Christ Consciousness or enlightenment.

Crown Chakra #7
Brow Chakra #6
Throat Chakra # 5
Heart Chakra #4
Navel Chakra #3
Sacral Chakra # 2.
Root Chakra #1
The seven major Chakras are doorways for the Life Force Energy called Prana (Ch'i)
Chakras are consciousness centers that transform energy & interface between the dense physical world of the five senses & the subtle worlds of pure consciousness. Each are associated with a particular color, element, area of the body & inner state.
       Lotus petals represent the frequency,                   vibration rate & color of the energy fields.
According to ancient Hindu teachings, the human
being consists of many subtle bodies. Via these subtle bodies & their inherent consciousness , we contain the entire universe & all of its levels. These bodies are the different vehicles of consciousness & encasements for the Inner Being. ( the part of us that transcends all births & deaths ........ that which is eternal)
Crown Chakra           7th                Above crown         Violet
Only the Physical Body is a body in the usual sense. The Astral Body has the same form as the physical but is made of subtle matter. The Casual / Mental Body is the body of light. Each body relates to a state of consciousness.

Typically, the Physical Body is the WAKING state, the Astral Body is the DREAM state; the Casual Body is the DEEP SLEEP state. The Inner Self corresponds to the 4th state, the ever wakeful state of PURE AWARENESS.
Name               Number         Location          Color
Third Eye Chakra      6th               Between Eyes        Indigo
Throat Chakra           5th                Throat                      Blue
Heart Chakra             4th                 Heart                       Green

Sacral Chakra           2nd                Below Navel         Orange
Navel Chakra            3rd                 Solar Plexus          Yellow
Root Chakra              1st                 Base of Spine         Red
Let's begin with the ROOT CHAKRA & give a bit of an explanation as to what this chakra represents to us in its physical application.

The primary function of the Root Chakra is  GROUNDING & SECURITY. It's issues having to do all about survival & our primal energy as we take care of our personal needs and those of our "Clan" or better said, "Family" in modern times. 
The Divine Principle, then, for the ROOT chakra is simplicity or just acquiring the basics of living ... like food, shelter, appropriate clothing to withstand the  weather with stability underlying it all. The goals of which are preservation and the stimulation to awaken primal instincts. This all boils down to the energy that early man found necessary to exert to maintain his existence. Do not dismiss this first chakra as it is still most necessary even in today's world & needs to maintain balance.
    Portrayal of Root Chakra
The anatomical representation of the ROOT chakra is the reproductive system including the testes, vagina, pelvis, legs, feet & even  the tailbone!
of course, this means that the ROOT chakra is all about sex, too which equates TO man's survival. (yeah, & a few of us woman, too! ;) ) This center governs all elimination, the survival instinct AND the emotion: FEAR !

When the ROOT chakra is "out of whack" or lacking the energy to stimulate it because it is blocked in some way, the result is anxiety and sort of a dyslexic approach to our lives. The Root Chakra is why we yearn for grounding in this physical plane. The Root Chakra is the underpinning of our ability to move forward in our  human evolution ........ to act upon it.
It involves the Adrenal system.
The second chakra is the SACRAL (or SPLEEN) chakra. The primary function is dealing w/ RELATIONSHIPS & EMOTIONS. The issues intertwine with sexuality & intimacy & expressing those needs. Again, basic instincts but oh ..... so very, very necessary to be balanced and optimally functioning.

Sexuality & intimacy are the main by- products of a balanced SACRAL Chakra. We learn to express our own emotional  & sexual needs while understanding & respecting the giving & receiving of others' such needs in the process.

This energy center is obviously valuable for the perpetuation of the species as a whole as well as the contentment & satisfaction of the individual & family relationships.
The LIFE FORCE is housed in this area, also ......... & that is what generates our feeling alive, sexual & creative! If we, as humans, are imbalanced in the SACRAL Chakra, we tend to get more colds & flu's and become depressed. That is why humans have the desire to find & maintain intimate relationships as they are just happier because of it since it keeps the LIFE FORCE flowing!  Beathe In & Out & In & Out .........
(remember, to quote Esther Hicks,in regards to the LIFE FORCE, "The doctors & scientists of mankind have so eloquently brought forth the teachings that the "LIVE ONES HAVE IT & THE DEAD ONES DON'T !" ....... that sums it up about what we know about the "LIFE FORCE" collectively as a species.          Ha! Ha!)
                            The Root Chakra generates the basic needs of safety / security & regulates our sexuality & fears.
     The SACRAL CHAKRA generates sensitivity /sensuality & regulates our desires for intimate relationships.
Ahhhhh......... the NAVEL chakra ...... whose primary function is ENERGY & VITALITY. The main issue with this energy center is WILL POWER of the individual  which surfaces as power & personal authority.
The Navel Chakra, also called the SOLAR PLEXUS chakra, houses the emotions of self control, efficiency, purpose, strive for perfection, details of ideas. It also is the seat of ANGER.

This energy center is anatomically connected to our abdomen, spleen, urinary tract & kidneys, ovaries, uterus & blood sugar. Physical issues in these areas are directly related to the emotional components of  our relationships. This energy system is comprised of the gonads.
This is where our body's "battery" is housed, our vitality..... along with gut instinct & a tad of intuition. It is, again, a basic chakra but needs balance to allow us to move about in everyday activities. Each chakra is ever so important to maintain
  Portrayal of Solar Plexus Chakra
Inner strength & self control is available when the NAVEL (or SOLAR PLEXUS) chakra is in balance. Our metabolism & motion are in sync and our emotions are energized and level when the Solar Plexus chakra is working at its optimum degree.
     The Navel Chakra generates  energy / vitality &  regulates our will power & self control.
The stomach, liver, gall bladder bile & small intestine are the anatomical connections, so you can understand that when health issues manifest in these areas ....... we suffer the loss of  self control & become angry as well as lose our energy & vitality. This center is appropriately related to our "gut" feelings  & our emotional guidance systems.  Maintaining a healthy solar plexus serves us well.
This energy center encompasses the pancreas.
Source Energy
Be still my beating HEART.......... and just guess what the primary function is of this energy center?  You guessed it: LOVE .......... and there is more....... add to that BALANCE & CONNECTION, too!
With those functions, there are the issues OF Love, compassion, EGO (I bet that one threw you for a loop!), Hope & ,last but not least, a positive attitude. These properties all reflect the HEART Energy Center.

SHARING & TRUST are the emotional connections to the HEART Chakra. This center  when balanced works toward growth in New Ideas & Coping Skills. Flexibility is key here ...... as we take a BALANCED approach to love in all areas of our lives. The HEART Center is where we learn to love ourselves with all of our semblance of imperfections.
Warmth, Self Esteem & Forgiveness are housed in this chakra. The action of sharing & relating & again, respecting self as well as others is an essential part of this energy center when balance is achieved.
This is where the Love for God, self & others is  nurtured. We maintain EMOTIONAL BALANCE when the Heart Chakra is balanced. Since this energy center is in the middle of all of the other major energy centers, it truly is beneficial to us if we intend for equalization & frequently cleanse this precious chakra. Our lives are enhanced when the heart is balanced.
The anatomical connections to this center are the heart, of course, & the lungs. Imbalance in this chakra also affects the lymph & immune system, blood pressure, circulation &  results, too, in allergy issues. This chakra houses the Thymus.
       The Heart Chakra is the Center for LOVE of God, self and others as well as emotional balance.
            Pink is the color
    of unconditional Love
This energy center, the THROAT chakra is extremely important in our modern times. It's prime function is COMMUNICATION & HEALING. In this lifetime, seeing the whole INDIVIDUAL & also seeing the ONE WILL is the outcome of having balance & no blockage in this chakra.
SPEECH & EXPRESSION is generated in this center & the result is ARTICULATION & CREATIVE COMMUNICATION. As you have experienced, communication prevails in these times & it behooves you to make an effort to keep this chakra in tune.
Portrayal of Throat Chakra
Openess to new ideas & feelings of the whole & individual are nurtured here. Healing, honoring the Life Force, creating & communication is the nature of this chakra. The highest & the best for all is the theme while balancing the Yin & the Yang (the male & female) components.
Many of the "Boomers" have come into their own in this chakra as they have balanced & removed blockages from this energy center during this lifetime. This was their intention as they move through their lessons on the earth plane. It was with great courage & tenacity that prompted the cleansing of this all so valuable center in the evolution of the human race. It is the seat of our perspective of our current life & the communication projects our beliefs.

The anatomical connections to the THROAT Chakra are the throat, of course, and the neck, the parathyroid, ears, sinus & the entire respiratory system.  Many ailments occur due to the imbalance of this particular energy center as it involves the Thyroid.
               Our communication & healing  abilities are generated in a balanced THROAT Chakra.

Generally, one of the most mis- understood of the chakras, the THIRD EYE, has been thrown in a  category of illusion & deceit for almost as long as humans have documented history. It is unfortunate for the masses to have the belief that only those who have a deal with the devil can see through this eye. We ALL are capable of seeing through this energy center. In fact, we do every day by default. It is merely a matter of awareness that we come to realize that this chakra is an extremely vital attribute to the human element of our existence here, in the physical world.

The THIRD EYE houses INTUITION & UNDERSTANDING where its function is to see beyond the five physical body senses & make use of our God-given psychic sixth sense, our psychic abilities. The goal of the THIRD EYE chakra is to stimulate imagination, the knowing of which we were born and the divine purpose for our lives. All of these principles are intuitively activated via this energy center.

Thanks to the many souls who have come to this earth plane lifetime after lifetime sacrificing their place in society by professing these facts, the 21 Century is now ready to accept the truth of this energy center and expand human understanding of the nature and God-given rights of the benefits from seeing from this chakra.

The THIRD EYE gives birth to the ability to see the "BIG PICTURE", our SERVICE to mankind, as well as to imagination  & understanding. This center focuses on the GOOD (GOD) of the human spirit & has little or no time for the perceived bad.

The anatomical connections are the autonomic nervous system, the Hypothalamus and, no wonder the eyes. The THIRD EYE is located just between the actual physical eyes of the human body on the forehead. It is associated with the nervous system to bring us awareness &  also the knowledge of the benefit of meditation.

This chakra is all about the pituitary  & the balances that are deemed necessary to obtain a bird's eye view on "seeing" the world as it is in our individual reality. It is all about your own perception and our own evolution.
   Politics, anyone?
  The THIRD EYE Chakra presents to us the understanding of the "BIG PICTURE" & SERVICE  for the GOOD of others.
  Awakening Intuition
There you have it ..... the first 6 DOORWAYS to the Life Force Energy. These doorways transform that energy & assist in interfacing between the dense physical world of the 5 senses & the subtle worlds of pure consciousness. Being aware of these energy centers assists the well being  of our species as we navigate through the physical plane we call Earth.

  As the Life Force Energy moves through these doorways, we, in human form, are able to experience all of the different levels of the cosmos:            Relationships, Health, Psychic Abilities, Love, Balance, Creativity, etc. These are the major 6 chakras that are related to the physical human body. But WAIT....... (using a little "marketing lingo there!) BUT WAIT........ there is one more ....... and although, each & every aforementioned energy center MUST ....... I repeat, MUST be cleared & balanced before we humans can live life to the optimum, with perfect health, vitality, relationships, love, creativity, etc. .......... there is one more major chakra that is included in the overall human picture ....... and I saved the best for last .......
  Ancient Understanding
is the seat of ENLIGHTENMENT & TRANSCENDENCE. It's main issue is Spiritual Understanding & Cosmic Consciousness. In other words, through this energy center we strive for the understanding of the higher values & the divinity that accompanies the wisdom, inspiration, higher reason & awareness of the Universal Laws that have been given us (as spirits) by our Creator who is Spirit.

As we gain balance in this spiritual center that is located just above the crown of our physical head ....... we move toward the  collective understanding of spiritual love & compassion on a cosmic as well as a global sense.

After cleansing, balancing & becoming aware of the Crown Chakra we yearn for Peace, Harmony and Love that is focused & thoughtful for the benefit of the entire human race ....... with the exclusion of no one as we give birth to CONSCIOUS COSMIC LOVE ...... our individual

  "Floating" just above the human head the CROWN CHAKRA rules the Human Central Nervous System, the Head, of course, the Cerebral Cortex, the upper spine & the hair.

It is anatomically associated with the Pineal Gland and has the physical properties of our metabolism, our RNA-DNA connections as well as our center for Spiritual Thought.

This center is all about higher reasoning and intellect which is the part of us that asks the "Why?" questions of life & then goes on a quest for those answers.

From the beginning of  recorded Human history many spiritual teachers have come forth to relay information that had been shown to them after they had given birth or activated the awareness of the CROWN CHAKRA. Our  great religions & philosophies are born of this Chakra.

We are presently at the threshold of an age where more and more human beings are becoming aware of developing their individual Christhood while fully and systematically understanding the benefits that collective mankind will reap by doing so.

While as a species, we raise our vibrations (afterall, we are all energy, correct?) and focus on the message of spiritual love & compassion  that the great teachers imparted ....... we will usher in the Age of Heaven on Earth.

                The CROWN CHAKRA
             The Christ Consciousness
      Depiction of the "Birth of Christ"
                           (IN ALL of US ! )
  Master Jesus
   Cosmic Consciousness / Christ Consciousness
  The Buddha
114 Million Light Years Away
Albert Einstein
          The Goal of Mankind:

  Strive for Balance in all of the Chakras                                              and
        Conduct Each Lifetime from the
  Christ Consciousness Chakra
  Edgar Cayce
  Calling Mohammed
Assimilating Source Energy
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                "If the river flows clearly and cleanly through the proper channel,
                  all will be well along its banks."  ~  Lao Tzu ~

                                                   The Karmic Equation
                                                                                        by Elizabeth Clare Prophet
Another way to understand how our past actions affect our life today is to look at the karmic debris surrounding our chakras from the perspective of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the ancient Oriental art of arranging our external environment to create harmony and balance in our life.

The masters of Feng Shui teach that clutter in our physical environment inhibits the flow of energy (or ch'i) in our surroundings. They say that flow of energy (or lack of it) powerfully affects our health, our finances, our relationships - the very course of our life.

In exactly the same way, "karmic clutter" can create blockages in the floe of energy at subtle, energetic levels within us, slowing us down physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
Karmic debris is like the leaves that clog up after a drain storm. In order for the water to run through the drain properly, we must clear away the leaves. Likewise, in order for spiritual energy to flow through and activate our chakras, we need to clear effluvia that clings to these sacred centers. Just as we wash off the dirt and grime we pick up every day, so we can have a daily ritual of bathing and purifying our chakras.

                 An excerpt from:

         Your Seven Energy Centers
            Elizabeth Clare Prophet
           Summit University Press