Meet the Medium

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you one of the truly great spiritual teachers of our time ...
            Rev. Patricia Price
           Lily Dale, New York 
Patricia Price continues to be one of my most beloved        spiritual teachers . She is the inspiration behind most of what I do on this website and in my spiritual life. She is the spiritual teacher who sincerely wants each and every one of her students to become empowered and excel in his or her own way while shining a light on the truths of this physical world.

​Patricia is one of the most dedicated and sincere beings on the face of this earth as well as one of the most knowledgeable in, oh so many, subjects having to do with  the expansion of human consciousness. With each and every breath that Patricia takes her concern lies in relaying the spiritual understanding that she has accumulated over this lifetime to others.

I, for one, am a better person because of
being one of the Reverend Patricia's students.

                                                             ~ Holly ~
Patricia Price has been a registered medium in Lily Dale for thirty years. Patricia offers both in-person readings and phone readings that provide comfort and guidance to her clients. A reading with Patricia may include: aura color evaluation, questions and answers, past-life in relationship to this life information, Spirit Guide introduction, Guardian Angel introduction, birth plan for this life, spirit communication, trends, opportunities & patterns for the future, how to help and understand your relationships, career trends, financial opportunities, and/ or progress on your spiritual path. Patricia also offers healing sessions and classes in several  healing modalities, including Awareness Dynamics Breathwork, Past Life Regression and Reiki. Patricia is well known for her warmth and clarity as a teacher and spiritual leader.
A professional consultant and seminar leader, Patriciahas a master's Degree from the State University of New York, as well as certificates in healing techniques from Jim Leonard  Phil Laut, Dr. D. Versandaal, Barbara  Hampson, Paul Aurant, Steven LaVelle and Margaret Kean. She is a certifiedMedium with the Church of the Living  Spirit at *Lily Dale,  N.Y. and City of Light Spiritualist Church in Cassadaga, N.Y.
She is a certified spiritual healer with both  churches. A resident of Lily Dale and a life-member of the Lily Dale Assembly, Patricia spends part of the winter in California where she writes, teaches and conducts readings and healing work.

*Lily Dale is the world's largest center for spiritual development and the practice of the Spiritualist religion  and is located in southwestern New York , one hour south of  Buffalo.
Patricia travels internationally offering healing sessions and giving seminars and lectures. She provides support, insight and guidance to many as they venture forth on spiritual journeys all over the world. Her numerous trips include visits to sacred places in Egypt, Greece, Ireland, England and, our own,  Sacred Four Corners in the United States.  At home and abroad, she has helped thousands of people, teaching them how to reach their goals as individuals and/or professionals.
As the founder of Trilogy Institute, Patricia offers home study courses in psychic/mediumship development and ministerial training. Patricia also periodically offers these and other courses in-person in Lily Dale. Part I of the four part psychic/mediumship development course will be offered in-person in Lily Dale the weekend of June 6th and 7th, while Part II will be offered September 12th & 13th. 
Patricia will also be presenting the workshop, :Prosperity & Past Life Regression", on August 30th.

During the Summer Season in Lily Dale, you will find Patricia in the Healing Temple every Thursday night for a Home Circle Development Class. After the season, she holds home circle meetings for her students at no charge in her own home on Buffalo Street. More information on the home study courses, classes and circles can be found at Patricia's website:
"My goal is to provide loving, uplifting, empowering guidance in my readings, workshops, lectures and classes. I feel it is vitally important to provide heart-centered service to be of the highest and best assistance to my clients and students. It is my honor and joy to see people stepping into their own power as they unfold and connect with their higher self as we work together. People are awakening more and more to the fact that we are co-creators in our own lives. It brings me great delight to see the people I work with accepting their own magnificence as they are empowered to embrace who they really are and create the life they truly want."               ~ Patricia ~
A Personal Message from the Reverend Patricia Price :
 February 2009
 (716) 595-3008     or     (800) 729-1444
Symbolically, we, now, get to see this beautiful flower of our spirit fully unfold and blossom.
This visualization is what the Reverend Patricia Price sees in every soul ....... and encourages each           of her students to see the same in self as well as in others.