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Dear Intuitive,

Let me quickly introduce myself: My name is Holly White and I am a perpetual metaphysical student, teacher and Web Master of the Souls-R-We spiritual studies and resource site. I host many metaphysical & spiritual classes, workshops, seminars and other related events in Central Pennsylvania where I reside with my family. It is with great enthusiasm that I pay forward the information that I have gained in many years of research and study in this field.

As well as passing on the information, it is my passion to "link" my students and other spiritual seekers with those practitioners & intuitives best-suited for the individual's path of study.  (Please make reference to the Souls-R-We on-line Directory as well as the pages that contain information about events, classes and other practitioners, along with books and web sites.)

So, in order to accomplish my mission, my purpose, if you will ... constitutes getting any and all of the information that I gather "out there" ... any way that I deem possible. A book introducing some of the most wonderful spiritual teachers of modern times is now the next most logical step.

At this time, then, I am compiling a collection of short biographies (each one an entire chapter) of the most interesting psychic/mediums of our modern times.

If this is a project that you would like to be a part ... please fill out the above application and I will get back with you to arrange an interview for a chapter in my book about YOU.

I would be honored if you would agree to participate, but under no circumstances would I release any information before gaining approval from you.

Filling out this application does not assure you of a chapter in the book ... I will make that decision after the interview.

HOWEVER, If you fill out the above application, I will give you a one year subscription for an on-line ad in the Souls-R-We
Metaphysical Directory at NO CHARGE TO YOU! . (again, after your approval, of course)

It is my wish for you to have your very own story told in one of the chapters of this upcoming book. If you, personally, do not care to participate, please pass this information along to one of your other intuitive friends.

In Love & Light, Holly Greene White  

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