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   Mission Intention
      The Truth About Hypnosis

The following is a short test (answers to follow) to see how savvy you are about hypnotherapy. There are many preconceived notions about hypnosis and this test will help to set the record straight. Hypnotherapy can be used for almost any area of life ... to enhance, prevent or cure ... IF ... the patient is dedicated to set aside the minimum amount of time to accomplish his goal. That time is also minimal compared to the forever beneficial results that are stimulated by hypnotherapy. 


            The WORD is the WAND
         The VOICE is the BOND
Reverend Holly Greene White CHt.
                                   The Truth About Hypnosis

True or False? This is just for fun. See what you think before you learn the truth ... the answers are at the bottom of the test.

1. All Hypnosis is self Hypnosis.     T or F

2. Everyone can be Hypnotized.      T or F

3. When a person is truly hypnotized they are unconscious or asleep not able to remember         anything about the session.         T or F

4. It is the goal of the Hypnotherapist to put you asleep.     T or F

5. Hypnosis is a state of relaxation and/or concentration that the  
     average individual reaches daily, sometimes when a person is absorbed watching TV,               listening intently to music, reading, daydreaming or experiencing repetition such as 
     expressway driving or performing a task over and over.   T or F

6. Hypnosis can erase a person's memory.         T or F

7. Hypnotherapy is a form of guided relaxation using concentration where the ideas are
     expressed (suggestions) by the hypnotherapist are generally expressed more clearly, 
     which, in turn creates new awareness. Depending on one's motivations, there may be a
     shift in attitude about specific habits or stresses. The only requirement for getting 
     results is that the client's conscious desire to change aligns with the suggestions given
     during the session. Willingness is Important.   T or F

8. People under hypnosis can be made to do things that are against their morals or values.

9. Hypnosis is just another word for brainwashing.   T or F

10.Weak minded and unintelligent clients are the most successful patients.    T or F

11. Hypnosis causes people to lose control and reveal secrets.     T or F

12. There is real danger in hypnosis because a patient may not be able to awaken.   T or F

13. All effective hypnotherapists are very authoritarian and dramatic.       T or F

14. Hypnosis has many beneficial effects. Some of them are relaxation, stress reduction,
       attitude improvement, increased awareness and increased intuition.   T or F

15. If a person is in a deep hypnotic state, he or she is incapable of handling an emergency
       situation quickly and effectively.       T or F

16. Making a commitment to have a hypnosis session or sessions and do self hypnosis for
       21 days is a very good idea, since it has been scientifically proven that it takes the 
       human brain 21 days to form a new habit.    T or F

ANSWERS 1.T, 2.F, 3.F, 4.F, 5.T, 6.F, 7.T, 8.F, 9.F, 10.F, 11.F, 12.F, 13.F, 14.T, 15.T, 16.T
OK, So You Want to Make a Change in Your Life?
  (Q. How do you eat an elephant?  A. One bite at a time!)
Step One ... Congratulations, you have just taken the first step; your decision that you want to make a change in your life. I am sure that you have heard it thousands of times before but it's true, that your decision on any subject is the first step. You have Free Will and it is always in your choices that you mould your life. 

You create your own reality by making the choices that support your vision of what best serves your individual life experience. That's right. Your choices either are a service to you and your own life's evolution ... or they are a dis-service.

Most of us make many choices that are notserving us. In fact, it usually takes the manifestations of many of those choices to PROVE to us that they are, indeed a dis-service to our health and well-being. 

You may wish that you had better health. You may wish that you could quit a 'bad' habit or a habit that is not 'serving' you. You may wish that you had more wealth. You may wish that your relationships were better. You may wish that you had more time in the day. You may wish that you could be at the weight that you wanted. You may wish for an improved lifestyle.  You may want pain relief. You may want an easy childbirth. On and on and on ... there are limitless reasons with unlimited possibilities!

The secret to it all ... is to change the way you think. Change your thoughts, change your life. Hypnotherapy can assist.

There are many, many self-help books available whose message is just that ... that changing your thoughts really DOES affect how your life is experienced. Most of these books, if not all, also suggest the power of hypnosis and meditation to assist in accomplishing your goals. Tweaking your mind to think the thoughts that are to your own benefit is not only powerful ... it is empowering to the individual who first acknowledges that he is, indeed, in control of his own life.  

Going about making the decisions to ensure that he equips himself with the tools to make the 'right' (or serving) choices is what will eventually give him the PROOF or EVIDENCE that he IS in control of his own life.

Hypnotherapy works ... and it works as well as the individual client WANTS it to work.
Step Two ... The very best and most effective way for hypnotherapy to make a difference in your life is to make the decision to make an in-person appointment with your local Hypnotherapist. 

I would say that most Hypnotherapists are good ... because they became Hypnothera-pists in the first place. Most Hypnotherapists (I, personally, have never met another kind) believe in the power of the human spirit. The human spirit is 'who/what' is being address-ed while conducting a hypnotherapy session. The human consciousness is that which is 'healed' of the unwanted habits, etc. of the physical human being. So, you could 'label' most Hypnotherapists as people who are counselors and also have a spiritual  background or spiritual undertone. This is NOT to be confused with people who are labeled as religious, as the spirit in all of us is NOT of a particular religion. (so relieve yourself of that concern) To make it simple, each human being houses a spirit, period. That spirit is what gently guides each of us ... so it makes sense that in order to 'get to the bottom of an issue' ... the spirit is what needs to be engaged in the therapy. 

THERE ... I said it! It matters not whether you believe in what I just said or not ... I am merely giving you some basics in hypnother-apy and some guidelines in choosing a Hypnotherapist. I have never met a Hypnotherapist who was not out to improve YOUR LIFE! They take great pride in restoring wellness in YOU! Rest assured. If you have been guided to a particular Hypnotherapist, chances or more than likely that the two of you will be a good match.

Your first session will include education about hypnotherapy that will help you achieve better results ... and, more often than not, you will be hypnotized your very first session. 

A tape of your session will be made and you will be instructed to listen to that tape each and every day until your next scheduled session which will be one week from your first session.  By standard practice, there will be three weekly scheduled sessions in total plus a follow-up teleconference. Each session may include a modified tape of the current session that is customized for you which you are to listen to (faithfully!!) each and every day.

The commitment is aligning the intention of your goal with the actual execution of the customized hypnotherapy tapes. That is a commitment of TIME and ATTITUDE.

Hypnotherapy works ... and it works as well as the individual client WANTS it to work.

As a practicing Hypnotherapist, I would suggest to you (ha, a little hypnosis lingo there!) as a perspective patient of Hypnotherapy, to first do your HOMEWORK before making an appointment with your local Hypnotherapist. There are unlimited resources upon the subject of Hypnotherapy.

I wish you well, my friend ... and trust that you will find the answers to your questions deep within you. Remember ... all hypnosis is self hypnosis.

            Hypnotherapy for the DO-IT-YOURSELFER

Most people prefer to call in an expert if they have a home improvement, garden, technical, health, financial, or any other question or issue that is unfamiliar to them ... but if you are anything like me, you may research a subject and then when possible, figure out how to do it for yourself. As I said, when possible. 

Plunging head first into a subject and learning as much as possible to make an intelligent and balanced choice of whether to take on the project yourself or hand it off to an expert requires discernment. The Do-it-Yourself solution requires time and in some cases, even money to pursue and then get answers. You really have to weigh the options and outcomes, the pros with the cons as they say, before you make the decision to Do-It-Yourself in any area.

There ARE times that people DO find themselves quite capable, thank you very much, to take on a project on their own without calling in the big guns ... the professionals. For those people who want to experience Hypnotherapy without relying on a Hypnotherapist, I have just the thing for you: Guided CD's.  They come in all subject matters, habits and issues that can help improve your life just by listening to them via your headphones. Headphones are an important factor ... as these CD's are designed to get up close and personal to you, even MORE SO than an in-person therapist is able. These CD's are time-savers as well as money savers. My CD's are customized in every topic imaginable ... individual subjects are addressed. AND, most importantly ... in this busy world, YOU control when you listen to them! ( Hint:Actually,the very best time to listen to a hypnosis CD is just before retiring at night.) It is also suggested that you listen each and every day until you actually experience the results.

If you think that in-person hypnotherapy sessions are not convenient or an option for you ... then, by all means, learn how to prepare and receive the therapy in the privacy of your own home or your own office and then listen to the CD's that I have prepared for you.

My website is also a portal for your questions about Hypnotherapy either before or after the purchase of one of my Souls-r-We Hypnotherapy CD. I will do my best to assist you in your personal pursuit of the enhancement of your life experience by posting the answers to your questions, anonymously, of course.              ~Holly~

Reverend Holly Greene White CHt.
The Reverend Holly Greene White CHt.
  P.S. You may request and order a subject that is not on             the above list for just $15.00 more!
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Coping with Grief
Job Interview
Understanding YOU
Increasing Spiritual Wisdom 
A Note from Holly ... 

It is truly my intention, my mission ... this lifetime, to assist others in the enhancement of their physical life experience.  Throughout my life, it has always been a great pleasure of mine to pass information along when a solution has been revealed to me. We are all much the same ... experiencing many similar 'lessons' in this classroom that we have dubbed Planet Earth. My soul will not allow me to rest when I see others 'suffer' needlessly ... until I reveal the answers to others. 

So, you see ... when I pay it forward, I then, get the relief in knowing that distilled from my own experiences ... comes the answers that may benefit another human being. 

I have studied and researched many decades to gain the knowledge and the truth about life on planet earth.  My message will continue to be positive and empowering to the individual. There is an answer to every question ... and although, you may be guided by an  outside source to the whereabouts of the answer ... the true answer always lies within ... always, no exception. Tap into your own infinite resource of answers. Hypnosis (and Meditation) will assist.

                                               Forever wishing you a life of wellness, bliss and abundance,
                                                                                      Rev. Holly Greene White

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Many people assign great power to a hypnotist, yet, when ever you have the undivided attention of another, you act as a hypnotist to a large degree.

Whenever you have your OWN undivided attention you act as a hypnotherapist and subject simultaneously. You give yourselves post-hypnotic suggestions all of the time, particularly when you project present conditions into the future. I want to impress upon you the fact that all of this simply follows the natural function of the mind, and to dispel any ideas that you have about the 'magical' aspects of hypnosis. ~SETH