Green Cathedral
   The Green Cathedral
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There is something that has always drawn me to nature for personal healing and the worship of the God of my understanding. If you have similar feelings, allow this virtual universal 'green' cathedral to become the place that you meet and exchange the thoughts that will eventually prevail on our planet. There is no dress code, no membership, no time frame, no tenants, no rules, no memorization, no holy 'book', no financial offerings required ...  and best of all ... there are NO EXCLUSIONS ... ALL SOULS are INCLUDED !  Please join in the celebration of seeing the GOD in all things ... ALL IS WELL. 
                                                                                                                                                             ~ Rev. Holly Greene White ~
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How do you see God? Many have a very limited view of God. It can be hard for some to have an open mind and contemplate the other possibilities of having a relationship with God.  

There are many who think that they have a 'corner of the market' on their relationship with God. It is what they have been told. Forgive them as they not know what they do. Some do not approve of worshipping outside of a building. Forgive them for they know not what they do. Some put religious icons on a pedastool intending to BE like them, but having a conflicting feeling that they will always and forever fall short of their perfection. These people spend a lifetime in their own guilty feelings and depression. Forgive them for they know not what they do.

Walking with God means staying connected with the guidance that comes forth. Most humans have denied this guidance due to pressure from outside sources that claim to be the only way. It is evident that more and more blood is lost on our planet today because of these outside sources not allowing individuals to acknowledge their inner guidance, that which IS God ...

Seeing only through your mind or your physical vehicle can thwart your spiritual growth. Balancing Body~Mind~Spirit is the INNER WORK that we are here to do. It is who we really are. Walking with the God of your understanding is not merely reserved for one day weekly. It is a 24/7 committment ... to ourselves. Once you see the Go(o)d in all ... you will realize that it is all done unto self. We are the creators of our own reality. Ye are gods.

Each of us ARE a portion of the whole; that which is GOD. Discovery of this truth awakens us to the true potential of each and every soul. 

When Master Jesus said, "Love your God with all of your heart and with all of your mind." He knew quite well that he was relaying that which he knew to be true: That we ALL are a portion of God. God has NO FAVORITES. We are ALL sons and daughters of the God of our understanding. (some call this God, Elohim, Holy One, Allah, Yahweh, Shangdi, Bhagwaan, Almighty, Shiva, Ahura Mazda, Father-Mother God, Source, Infinite Being, All That Is)
It matters not what our source is called; a rose by any other name ...

There is MUCH diversity in the understanding of that which is the SOURCE for our existence. Viva la difference!

When we can choose from the vast smorgasboard of life any belief (internally) that we want  ... why not make it an ever-growing, ever expanding quest? 

Why limit the very reason for our being in the physical in the first place? 

Let go, Let God ... should be the mantra for all ... because once you surrender to the understanding ... the truths will come flowing forth. By resisting  the truths, you will be bound to the beliefs that no longer serve you.

 So open your eyes and open your ears and here we go! ... ~Disney~
                                   (and open your mind!)
Please come back often to get in the zone of appreciation and praise of your role in this universe!
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