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Reverend Holly Greene White CHt.

     Metaphysical Causation Diagnostic Service

"If We ask the RIGHT questions ...
                                                 We can change EVERYTHING!"

    As with each and every service, advice, class and teaching on the Souls-R-We website, this service is interpreted to be accurate and truthful in its delivery. You need not believe in the source of the information offered nor in the messenger ... in order to find a solution to your physical problems.

YOU DO, however, need to commit to the suggestions that will eventually remedy the situation that you have inquired about. In other words, if you want to see results ... you must take personal responsibility to implement the suggestions that this service offers. THAT part is entirely up to you! ONLY YOU can do the 'work' that will be required for you to heal.

It is most certain that if you follow the instructions given by this service of Souls-R-We, and are committed to the discovery of the metaphysical causation (of which will be a part of your answer) of your discomfort, it will lead to the eventual alleviation and (dare I say?) cure of your particular malady. 

Souls-R-We  nor any of its affiliations do not claim to be responsible
 for prescribing or dispensing the use of any technique as a sole form 
of treatment for physical, medical or mental problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The sole INTENT 
of this website, and particularly, THIS SERVICE, is only to offer information of general nature to HELP YOU in your quest for emotional 
and spiritual well-being. In the event that you use any of the infor-mation on this website for yourself, which is your constitutional and God-given right, the web master of Souls-R-WeRev. Holly Greene White, assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for your actions.

                              PAY as you go service

Souls-R-We is asked each and every day from all of the four corners of the globe, to help in the interpretation and eventual discovery of many physical, emotional and mental messages that our body sends to us. The service was and still is, the greatest mission of the Souls-R-We website. Answering each request is emotionally rewarding but has become a very time consuming endeavor. I also must make a living and factor that into each day as well.

               But, there are only 24 hours in the day!

At this time, WE, after five years of offering this inter-pretation service, free of charge, is announcing the launch of a new pay per health diagnostic question service ... to assist you with the diagnosis and eventual relief of the physical manifestation that concerns you most. 

The way it goes is ... you fill out the form below and submit it along with your payment via Pay Pal or credit card. You get one question per 'click'. It's easy and self explanatory. Your answer will be sent to your e-mail account and you will have the information that you have been searching for to begin the healing process.


Each and every physical manifestation begins in the mental and then emotional realm. This service on the Souls-r-We website will provide you with some answers and practical advice toward your actual healing. This advice will support and uplift your perspective of what you know to be true. When you read the Souls-R-We website answer to your question, most assuredly, the answer will resonate within your soul ... that's how you will KNOW that the answer is the most beneficial for your healing.

Medical  specialists do not have the time to pursue this alternative approach to health diagnosis and care ... and most simply do not believe in this approach. They cannot 'give' us back our health unless we CHOOSE to take part in our own healing process. The truth is that MOST of all our physical ailments CAN BE PREVENTED if we would interpret the first messages that our body sends to us as an 'alert' to warn us that we are headed in a particular direction of manifesting an illness or dis-ease.

                              Important Instructions:

Being specific in your question is important because the more specific the question, the more specific the answer will be. Make sure you relay exactly the part of your body that is experiencing the imbalance. If you have a problem in your hand, for example, make sure you specify which hand (left/right) which area, which finger, etc. 

                                  Target the problem.

Your question could include something like this; 

"Lately, I have had headaches between my eyes. What could be causing them?" or "My lower back has been giving me fits ... any ideas?" or "About twice a week, I have had sleepless nights. What can I do to get back to my sleep pattern?" or "I have been given a horrible diagnosis (state the diagnosis). What can I do to ease the symptoms?"

Feel free to include any background information ... as this will merely enhance the suggestions. 

As always, the intention of the Souls-R-We website is to assist you in your quest for spiritual and emotional well-being ... and, now, I invite you to fill out the form below so you can begin to understand why you are 'getting' what you have been getting as a physical manifestation within your physical body.

In Love & Light,
Rev. Holly Greene White

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